Monday, August 24, 2009

I Love My Family!

Spending time with my Niece and Nephews are some of my favorite times. I love watching them and playing with them. They are all so cute.
Jackson and Erika Kate With me at Bear World. I kept telling Jackson that they were my children and he would always disagree.

Teaching Jackson how to roll down the hill at the Idaho Falls Temple. Needless to say he wasn't the best but he was learning. I on the other hand was awesome at it!

My Nephew Clark enjoying the wonderful world of Canada. He is always super happy!

Talking to Johanna and Clark after I got my feet out of the freezing cold water! It was insane how cold that glacier water was!

I love going on trips with my mom. We most recently went to Canada with her and my family but my favorite was Ireland where it was just her and I. It was tons of fun.

The last family pictures we had with my Grams in them. I love that Lady! I also love my family!

Trips with my brother are always exciting. I loved going to Disneyland with him and his friend DJ for my birthday this year. It was so much fun. I was always laughing those two are quite hilarious! I Love Disneyland!