Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Weddings and other adventures in cake.

Carly and her family came up to do a wedding cake for a girl I work with at the hospital.

We had a bridal Shower at the hospital and this is the cake I made. She and her mom kept saying it was too beautiful to eat.

The wedding Cake.

I put the flowers on. There was no flower topper so I made one up. I think it turned out pretty good.

At the USU bookstore finally resting from all the running around.

Jackson my nephew took this picture. It shows off the shirts that carly bought her and I for 1 dollar. It was quite the steal.

I'm only 23

So for my 23 birthday I worked awesome I know but work is my life. However the sunday before I went to Provo to my new nephew's baby blessing so I got to see my family. Anywho I got off work at 4 and then my friend mike and I went to crystal hot springs, sorry no swim suit pictures. Then I went out to dinner with my roommates and friends, We went to a new BBQ place it was okay. Then we opened gifts and just chilled it was a pretty relaxed day which was perfect.

Tony bought me this stache for my birthday. Its pretty awesome.

Runts! Kaci my roommate got these for me. I love them!

Water! The perfect gift for me. A giant water bottle.

The ice Cream Cake that they got me at work. PS You guys are awesome!

PS I feel so old now that I am 23. Boy time sneaks up on ya.


At the beginning of May I went to Disneyland with my Dad, Carly and her Kids. I know I am awesome at keeping up on this blog but hey I don't currently have internet at my house so this is the best it gets. We went on all of the rides except a few of the "scary" ones, went to the Princess Fantasy Fair (something I've always wanted to do but never had a good excuse), and went and got autographs from all of the characters. Disneyland with Kids is super fun. I forgot how much fun it is to just take it easy and relax while you're there.

The best thing was when California Adventure opened we went straight to the Toy Story Ride. Now you can't run in this magical place, it makes it even more my favorite place no running!, So Carly and I sped walked taking turns holding Jackson and we were the first in line! Can you believe that. We won and we had 30 extra pounds strapped to us. It was awesome!!