Friday, November 14, 2008

Cakes, Graduation, Birthdays, Tests, and More Cakes

So November 8th started out by delivering a wedding cake that my sister and I put together. We really enjoyed making this one even though it was during a stressful time in my life seeing as how I was getting ready to take my radiology boards so I was stressed about fitting it in with the studying but it seemed to work out well.

I then went to my graduation. Hooray I am done with school however it does feel super odd. I feel like I should be studying or should be doing something with my time. I guess I'm not used to be an unemployed college grad. Hopefully I'll find a job and things will all work out for me.

The graduating class of 2008, there are thirteen of us.

The ladies of Radiology!

Nick my study partner we became good friends during the course of our two years together.

Its all very exciting!
After graduation which was lovely we went to celebrate my sister Carly's birthday! It was an enjoyable evening. We all got together as a family and just ate till we were about to explode. However Carly wasn't feeling well so that kind of put a damper on things but she was a trooper and fought through it, it was quite fun.

On the tenth I went to a bridal shower for my friend from school and I made her a cake. It was fun to see everyone outside of school and outside of the hospital. It doesn't seem like that ever happens but when it does we go all out. The food was delicious thanks to those who brought everything and Laura did an awesome job planning it. Everything was a hit, which was quite perfect for me because I had to take my boards the next day so it helped me relax. When I took my boards the minute I hit "end exam" my heart stopped till I got my results. I PASSED! So my little heart attack was worth it. But it sure did make my heart hurt for a bit after.

I just finished making a birthday cake for a little girl. It is Cinderella and if you know me at all you know how excited I was to make this cake. Over all this past week has been busy and enjoyable so all in all a great week!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Spending Time with my nephew

So the for the last little bit most of my free time has gone to spending time with my two year old nephew, Jackson. That kid is so much fun to play with that I forget that I have no life and a two year old is my best friend :) Lately we have made sugar cookies. It was fun because that kid loves to help. I would be rolling out the dough and he would yell "I do, I do" so we would have to get him his own dough and his own rolling pin. It was fun. We made pumpkin monsters and ghosts. He would always hand the cut out cookies to his mom and say "he you go mommy."

We also dressed up for Halloween as Crayons. He was red and I was white. My brother-in-law kept saying that I looked like a member of the KKK but I was not!!!! I was a crayon. It was fun trick-or-treating with him. He would walk up to the door and knock and when they would answer he would say "I want candy." They would give him candy and he would say "thank you." My favorite house was the one where the lady said he could take two. He took three boxes of dots and then saw some tootsie rolls so he took two of those. The lady just laughed and said he could have as much as he wanted. Its a good thing he is so cute, otherwise he would get into more trouble.