Monday, April 28, 2008

Erica's Wedding

This past weekend my cousin Erica got married. It was quite the week. My family and I did all the food for the reception and my sister, Carly, and I did her wedding cake. It was a lot of work but everything turned out beautifully. For the food we did stuff that Erica asked for but we tried to vamp it up a bit. So we did popcorn chicken, pigs in a blanket, and our version of peanut butter and jam sandwiches. What we did was take sliced baguette's with almond butter and fresh strawberry slices. They were quite tasty. We also did a chicken salad roll up. As for the desserts we did lemon tarts, peanut butter brownie cheesecake bites, and rice crispies. It was a fun reception to cater. As for the cake I made a french vanilla cake, with actual vanilla beans in it, with a cream cheese berry center.  We printed off their bridal pictures on rice paper and attached them to cake with a bead frame around it. The cake was not originally going to look like this it took us a few different cake designs before we ended up with this one. We haven't really done one where there is a tier in the center of the cake but it worked with this cake I think. It was tasty and it looked really good when they cut into it. My sister says that its hard to watch people cut into a cake that you took so long to make and decorate. As for me I am just happy to be done with the cake so I don't really care what happens to it. Plus I work really hard to make sure that the cake tastes good so I like people to be able to enjoy that part. This wedding was a lot of work, but very worth it. I hope that Erica enjoyed everything. 

Thursday, April 10, 2008


So a little background I play soccer once a week usually its pretty fun and I can walk away with everything working.  One thursday about 2 weeks ago I got kicked pretty good. I thought it was no big deal i've been kicked before. Turns out it didn't heal as fast as I would have hoped. 

This is the what it looked like a few days after the accident. 
When it first happened it turned white. This was as big as it got.
I'd say its pretty large. I had to wrap my leg because it would hurt when
I would walk on it. I limped for a bit. It was really fun.
This is what it looked like close up. You can kind of see
the bruising on the upper right side. As you can see it wants 
to heal. Hopefully it will go away. I'm tired of the pain.
This was today. It looks better and hurts worse but it's still
not looking great. I only have to wear a band-aide and I don't
have to wrap my leg anymore so thats always a good sign.
Needless to say it may be a while till I return to soccer. My Grandma Cruickshank told me I couldn't play anymore. I don't have very good luck when it comes to injuries. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Angels Landing

Yay I finally made it up to the top. The last time that I tried I was unable to traverse the chains because there was so much ice under the snow that you slipped a lot. Well this weekend I decided to give one more try and I finally reached the top. It was my first time getting all the way up which is weird because I live right by it and I'm almost 21. I guess I was just a bum before. This time that I climbed I was a bit injured my right leg was hurt pretty bad on thursday so I had to hike with a good injury. It didn't hurt when I was doing it but I think that I angered it because the next day I had to wrap my leg up in order to walk properly. I finally am starting to heal but still the leg remains wrapped. The best part was that I was never sore from my hike the only problem I had was my wound. I am so happy. 

Lauren and I decided to hide in this rock cave.
Lauren, Dustin, Anna, and I sitting up at the top.
Smiling before we head back down. Which was an adventure in and of itself.